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The Kind & Dashoff law firm is comprised of highly experienced, skillful and knowledgeable collection lawyers, who professionally represent clients, both large and small, in commercial debt collection matters throughout the State of Maryland.

Our Maryland collection lawyers aggressively pursue the commercial collection cases that are placed with our firm. If by chance, we are unable to collect a debt and litigation becomes necessary, the Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff will represent your interests in a court of law.

We provide our valued clients with high quality commercial debt collection and legal services while strategically tailoring our collection campaigns to suit your company needs.

Whether your company has just one Maryland commercial collection case or hundreds, the collection lawyers and staff at Kind & Dashoff are prepared to accommodate the most discerning of clients with our wealth of commercial collection experience and commitment to excellence. As professional collection lawyers in the State of Maryland, we employ the collection knowledge, techniques and strategies that lend not only to highly successful collection campaigns but as well, a higher plateau of service that you might not be accustomed too.As our clients well know, their satisfaction is the key to our commercial collection success.

In Maryland, just as in any other geographic location, certain companies rise to the top of their specific industries. These companies provide excellent service as compared to the industry as a whole. The Law Offices of Kind & Dashoff are one of the select few commercial collection firms that provide such service in the Maryland area. In essence, our Maryland collection practice is for those clients who are searching for the type of commercial collection lawyers that have reasonable rates and are not willing to sacrifice service for results, nor sacrifice support for profit. If you are that prospective client, you've come to the right place!


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